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Welcome to Free Appliances for Low Income Families! You or your family member might qualify for a free refrigerator, home heating such as a new boiler, insulation or cooling. We show you what you the requirements are to qualify for these free services in all states where the government sponsored LIHEAP program is offered.

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Posted November 19th, 2013 in Georgia Appliances and tagged by admin

If you need help paying your winter heating bills, don’t wait until cold weather to find out what kind of help is available. Although H.E.A.T. fund distribution begins during the winter, you can check on application requirements anytime.  H.E.A.T. funds assist households experiencing a potential loss of energy service or households that are in need of getting service restored. The amount of funds available for distribution depends on the generosity of corporate and private donors.


Energy Assistance Eligibility Requirements

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program will provide financial assistance on behalf of and to households meeting three requirements:

  1. Income at or below 60% of the State’s Median Income(SMI)
  2. Responsibility for paying the cost of energy for the primary home heating source.
  3. Are U.S. citizens or legally admitted aliens.

Note: The Program typically begins the first work day of November, for the elderly (age 65 & over), homebound, and those with life-threatening circumstances. The Winter program opens first work day in December, for the general public. Energy Program applicants are served in a first-come, first-serve basis by each agency, for energy programs in their service counties.

Many agencies will make appointments over the phone to apply for benefits rather than require applicants to visit the agency initially. Contact the local agency to ask what procedures are in your county.



Ms. Jocelyn Fowler
Unit Manager-Community Based Programs
Georgia Department of Human Services
Division of Family and Children Services
2 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 21-265
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
TEL: (404) 463-8047
FAX: (404) 463-8046
PUBLIC INQUIRIES: 1-800-869-1150